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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

How to stay Healthy and Pain Free

How to stay Healthy and Pain Free

As a Qi Therapist and Qigong Instructor, many people ask me about how to stay healthy and free of pain.  In my earlier article, Chi the Universal Energy, I  talked about the need to have our Qi (both Yin and Yang ) to be in equilibrium. This is to enable the organs in our body to function properly. Our body need sufficient amount of both Yin and Yang Qi.

There is difference in opinions in regard to what is healthy. To the Westerners and modern Asian, being healthy is like Bruce Lee -taking advices from the doctors/specialists and nutritionist. According to Linda Lee (Bruce's wife), Bruce was very particular about the right food, nutrition, supplements and proper physical training to give him a six pack perfect V shape body. His doctor even confirmed that he had the agility of an 18 years old at the age of 32. When he got a pain he just see his doctor who would supply him with pain killer. Soon he went into a coma and died. Many people are still speculating why he died at the prime of his health. For more on Bruce Lee please click here.

Many of my patients were also given pain killers to relieve pain for whatever illness that the doctors/specialists claim there is no cure. The pain is the body's messages/ warnings/ signals to alert us that we cannot go on the same way. These pain killers does not solve the problem. It just mask the pain as if it does not exist. It is just a temporary relief. If a person keep on ignoring the pain with pain killers, the body system might just shut down by going in to a coma and might possibly die. We must face reality.

What western minded people considered as healthy might actually be a death trap. Unfortunately, he died at that age when he was considered most beautiful and healthy by modern standards. 

The ancient Chinese like Grandmaster Zhang San Feng (the founding master of Wudang Pai) live well over a century and founded Tai Chi Chuan in his golden years. His posture was slightly hunched and pot bellied. He doesn't look half as impressive as Bruce Lee but Great Grandmaster Zhang was much healthier than any modern man. He was invincible with his Wudang's martial arts. 

Western ideas of beauty lies mainly in the building of muscles to obtain a V shape body like Bruce. The ancient Chinese were more concern with a physically healthy, long quality life (not bed ridden or pills popping). Most modern people find pills popping an aid to their health and fail to realize that it is a death trap.

The Traditional Chinese Medicine has gone through more than five thousands years of trials and errors. Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on  the Viscera a general term for the internal organs (zhang fu). There are five yin viscera (zhang) and six yang viscera (fu). The five yin viscera are heart, lung, liver, spleen and kidney. The six yang viscera are gallbladder, stomach, large intestine, small intestine, bladder and triple warmer. The viscera are linked by meridians with acupuncture points to help the body function. The Five Yin Viscera main characteristics are to generate and store chi. The Six Yang Viscera main characteristics are to receive and transport food and waste.

The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a system of healing based on Viscera incorporating the Five Element theory, Yin and Yang theory and the concept of Qi/Chi.

In order to be healthy, one need to fulfill the following criteria  :

1) Proper Nutrition
2) Proper Rest
3) Proper Exercises
4) Proper Waste Management
5) Emotionally balanced

Proper Nutrition

1) Bruce Lee concluded that in order to achieve a high-performance body, one could not fuel it with a diet of junk food. If we use "the wrong fuel" for our body, it would not perform properly. Eat a balanced meal. If your body do not get enough nutrients how can your immune system be strong. All food should generally be less sugar,  less salt, less acidic (and more alkaline) and less animal fats. You cannot expect to be healthy when you eat excessively or unhealthily. Please eat slowly (bite the food thoroughly) and digest your food properly. If you eat too fast, your body might need to produce more acid to break down the food. In the event the food cannot be broken down, the body just discard them as waste. No junk food or untested/ unproven products. Eat plenty of vegetables.
Do not eat food that is too hot or spicy. When the food is boiling hot or too spicy, it can injure your tongue, mouth and stomach.

2) You need to drink lots of hot to warm water to help release the toxin either through your kidney (in the form of urine) or through your sweats. Do not drink the water or soup which is still boiling. You have to let it cool down a bit.

3) Do not eat too much or too little. Eat what you body require to stay healthy. You will notice that obese people tends to have legs problems due to the need to support the body weight. Slimmer people will have lesser problem. Being immobile, many elderly or overweight people choose to sit or lie down and there do very little exercises to stay healthy. If you do not eat enough food, there will not be enough nutrients for the body.

Proper Rest 

1) All of us need to sleep properly in order for us to become healthy. We should preferably be able to sleep for at least 8 hours per night. Sleeping well allows your immune system to take over the healing process. If you do not sleep well, you will be unhealthy. It was reported that Bruce Lee did not have enough rest due to his busy filming and training schedules. Popping pain killers will not help as your body's immune system will get weaker and weaker. Even Bruce Lee with his physical  trainings cannot survive without sufficient rest. I had a Qigong student who claim to be a nose cancer survival. A few years later I saw gray rings around his eyes, a sure sign of insufficient rest. He told me he was only sleeping 2-3 hours per night. I told him he would be in serious problem soon if he continue this way. Sure enough the cancer resurfaced and there was nothing anyone could do about it. If you do not take care of yourself, there is no hope for you.

2) Worries and stressful life style can make your health get worse. Look at the positive side. Read more motivational books or articles. Talk to the experts. You can click here for some motivations/ positive thoughts . Remember what is past is long gone and cannot be changed. What you can change is now and the future. Be logical. You got to rest to allow your body immune system to help you recover.

Proper Exercises

We all need to exercise at least 2 hours a day. It would be good to exercise for  at least one hour in the morning and another hour in the evening. The extend of the exercises will depend on your age and the condition of your body.  If you want to do jogging, make sure you get the right type of jogging shoes or you could injure your feet. Then you need to get a medical check up to see if your heart and body can withstand the jogging. Some people can just suddenly collapse and die while jogging.  Some people are too inactive or sick to do strenuous exercises. So it depends on each individual. Some elderly people are stronger than younger people. There are lots of young people who seldom venture out of the house and never exercise. Qigong with proper breathing exercises would be suitable for most people. The more you exercise, the more you will be able to exercise and vice versa. It is not a matter of age but will power and the ability to use qi that separate one from the other. Many young people are surprised at my mobility and strength. The secret is I always put in more efforts than others. When I started learning Tae Kwon Do, I practiced so hard that I was able to take on black belts when I was only a green belt. I was not a genius but just plain hardworking. There is a difference between one hour of training and 10 hours of trainings. Bruce Lee do not suddenly become an extraordinary fighting machine, he need to training like a machine. Only when you put in the amount of effort will you reap the benefits of the trainings.

For those who want to try out some useful and simple qigong exercises on Youtube, do click on the link as follows :

Proper Waste Management

Daily visit to the toilet to remove the unwanted waste from the body is very vital to to the health of an individual. When the waste is new, it is softer and naturally easier to push out through the anus. However if you keep on delaying to go to the toilet, the waste will hardened and eventually be like the goat's waste (small and round). Since it is hardened, it would be harder to remove. Some people will do weekly detoxification with lots of recipes in the internet. As long as you eat properly as in 1 above, the waste should come out easily.

Emotionally balanced

Heart is the seat of emotions. Many people are ruled by emotions and their actions are not necessarily logical or correct. If a person believe he/she is sick (and the doctor could not find any sign of illness), many doctors will give the patients placebos (with no medicinal or nutritional value). If the doctor were to tell the patient he/she is not sick, the patient will not believe the doctor. Then again some doctors tell their patients that they are in  perfect health, a few months later one of the patients got diagnosed with 4th stage lung cancer. Bruce Lee was perfect and had the agility of an 18 years old. Yet  who could tell that he was on the brink of exhaustion mentally and physically. He just went into a coma and died.

If a person has given up hope and get into depression, there is nothing anyone can do about it. You see some people does not want to be healthy and does not want to be cured. It is illogical yet true. They have encountered some very bitter experiences and given up hope of living. They prefer death as a way out of their current predicaments. It is just like slowly committing suicide. You watch the person getting weaker and weaker. This person need to have lots of support from friends and family members. If we can get him/ her out of the depression, there might still be a chance. As long as he /she want to live on, there might be a chance he / she can survive. We must learn to cheer up ourselves to enable us to survive. One should read more motivational books and articles. Surround yourself with positive people. You can also click here for a dose of positive thoughts. As a matter of facts, there are some with 4th stage cancer where the doctor would tell him/her that there is less than 6 months to live. Of these people, those with a strong will to live on might just prove the doctors wrong. Some have lived more than 10 years.
This world is never really fair. Of the fingers you have, they cannot and will not be of equal length. If there are all the same, we will never be able to grip hold of a Tennis, badminton or squash racket. We might not be able to hold a pen in our hand. Each of us are born with  different abilities to enable us to serve different destinies. I would like to marry the prettiest lady and be the greatest leader in the world. However, it is not my destiny to be a world leader. The prettiest lady for one person might be the ugliest lady for another.

Those people who are impatient will try to hurry up things unnecessarily. They try to eat too fast and might end up with indigestion and a host of other health problems. Triffle matters irritate them and they get angry easily. Anger can cause them to have a heart attack beside the damages that they might cause on your loved ones and properties. Some let go of their anger on their family and friends. They have to learn to slow down and relax. Learning qigong, tai chi chuan and meditation might be able to help.

We must learn to be easily contented. For example being number 2000 in the world is very good as at least you are better than about 5 billion people. In most sport, you might not even qualify to play in the qualifying round but you are better than 5 billion people.  Many people try to be the champion and have to win all the time. Eventually, all champions will start losing when the usurper to the crown appear. If the champions were to look back at their achievement in whatever fields, they should be contented and proud of themselves for whatever they have done. Unfortunately, some of these famous people become emotionally unstable and get into a depression. He/she only lose to one or two persons. It is no big deal but some people try to be the best of the best and ended up bitter about life. Those former champions or celebrities live pampered lives adored by millions across the globe. Think of all those people and animals (without food and sanctuary) where they can live without fear and hunger.

Animals like tigers and sharks are hunted to extinction merely to satisfy man. The sharks are hunted for their fins to make shark fins soup. The rest of the shark is thrown back to the sea. The tigers (up to 860 lbs), being the migthiest and largest of the big cats, are now close to extinction. The whole tiger is worth lots of money as talisman, medicine, fur and etc. Very soon tigers can only be found in Zoos and Animal Sanctuaries (Tigers and wild animals reared as pets in American homes deserted by their owners). Elephants are hunted for their ivories.  

We have to learn to be contented with whatever little we have. Surely we are always better in one or more areas than others and vice versa. Even the great Confucius said " Of three person walking, surely there is a master for me".  What he meant was that if we are humble enough, we can always learn something from others. There must be something the other people might be better than him. Maybe someone might be good at martial art, maybe someone might be good at gardening or cooking and etc. As long as we  remain humble, easily contented and emotionally balanced we will be healthy.

In conclusion, there is no point in living a long life if one is constantly ill and unable to move. Similarly, it is pointless to be pronounced as healthy and beautiful yet dead within months. You must be healthy, mobile and able to do most of the things a person half your age can do to be considered healthy. It is your life. You need to feel alive and enjoy it. In order to do so you need to work out more than a younger person. If you do not exercise enough you are bound to become weaker and weaker.

If you need more advice do not hesitate to contact me at 012-6570647 or just email me at  Take care.


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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Practical Problems Arising from Meditation

Practical Problems Arising from Meditation
(Chakras Activation) and "soul/demon/ghost possessions/ disturbances"

Meditation is largely an uncharted pilgrimage into the sanctuary of our inner self (mind). Each individual is similar yet not the same. The complexities of each individual is the sum total of all experiences and emotions (whether past or present) becoming who she/he is today. Thousands of masters /gurus/sifus/ practitioners have experienced and expounded the benefits of meditations. Books written by great masters of the past and present are in demand. Yet there are lots of untold miseries from practitioners of meditation. Some masters/ instructors does not even know what to do.

In the ancient Chinese martial arts, many masters goes into seclusion (for months to years) to train to reach a higher level. These training involved lots of meditations and training with energies. Some will start to hallucinate and lost control of themselves. The Chinese call this "Zhou For Ru Mo" (Movement of Fire Enter Demon). What we are concerned is the inability to control the fire (energy) and the mind goes wild (enter the demonic energies).  Basing on my experience of having headache, fever, nose bleeding with the energies spiraling and stuck in the head. It was a living hell. There were lots of stresses, energies and pressures spiraling out of control from within and without. At times it is like the head was going to burst. At times the energies is like a knife piercing into the core of my mind. All I can do was to pretend nothing happened. People can easily lose their sanity if not  treaded with utmost care and caution. I had regretted learning meditation out of curiosity.  With the arousing of the serpent from its slumber at the base of the spine, the energies started spiraling out of control upward rapidly  toward the head. It is no longer the subtle energy that most people felt. Once activated the chakra can never revert to the original inactivated state. It is like a virgin after losing her virginity. There is no turning back.  What is done is a reality and cannot be undone. For your own sanity sake you must accept them as part of you.

The aim of this article is to discuss and reveal the practical problems arising from meditation and the remedies available.
Here I am not interested in the physical problems arising from meditations such as back pain, blockages at the limbs and etc. These can be quite easily treated with acupressure therapy. I am thinking about those who inadvertently  activated their chakras and are actually victims of circumstances or their own follies (curiosity?). Many people try to do meditation on their own by reading books or learning from a visiting master. After that they do not have anyone guiding them. Many people are curious about meditation. Many masters talk about the benefits of meditations but hardly anyone talk about the danger lurking around the corners. Be sensible, chakra meditation is not for everyone. Most people do not have the patience to sit still and focus on your life force. Beside that you must also endure the numbness at your legs when you sit cross legged in a lotus or half lotus position for hours.

When I was around 29 years old, I was curious to find out about the third eye. Before long I enrolled for a mind control course. Everyone talk about positive thinking and the mind. So I try to delve deeper into meditation and before long I joined Simplified Kundalini Yoga (SKY) in 1986. From the day I was initiated by the late Swami Maharishi (the founder of SKY), my forehead bore a marking like it has been branded. Some people might inadvertently activate the chakra by themselves. In most people it is just a round indentation at the middle of the forehead (between the eyebrows and the mid forehead-refer to photo below). Some people might have special markings like an eye or a person in meditation. Except during my sleep, it has been vibrating ever since. The energies from my 3rd eyes chakra to my crown chakra has never cease spinning ever since it has been activated. There is no way anyone can reverse it. At times I had really wished I had never learned meditation and be normal again. I had nose bleeding , fever, migraine and a host of other ailments. I try to take some bitter Chinese herbal drinks ( wong lo kat) and young coconuts water frequently to reduce the pressure in my head.  When I complained to my master, he asked me to do Shanti Yoga and did some acupressure at my fingers which did brought only some temporary relief. Nothing really help. Shanti Yoga (tries to direct the energy down to the base of the spine) to control the excessive energies but it doesn't really help. It might be possible I might be one of the few who get severely affected by it. This coupled with stress from working almost drove me crazy. Later I joined a temple to learn more about the paranormal and chanting. There I was more able to control the energies after several years.

The 3rd eye is the vortex between the eyebrows and the forehead. The lighter color area at the centre of the forehead is surrounded by a darker color ring.  The area is usually darker and the indentation marking deeper for those having inadvertently activated the 3rd eye chakra.. This is a sign that tell of your inability to control the energies. Many will also have dark rings around their eyes indicating exhaustion due to a lack of rest. My indentation is lighter in color as it is under control. 

If you talk to the doctors about such things, they might recommend you to a psychologist. The psychologist would probably give you some pills to control your "over active mind" (hallucinations /imaginations). They can also give some aspirin or panaldo to reduce your headache and etc. If you tell your friend or relative, they will think you get demonic possession. Some people believe there is  evil spirit trying to disturb them. Some people will take advantage of you by recommending all kind of expensive things to wear like talisman and etc. They are others who claim they can help you overcome your problem for a big payout. They claim they have to perform certain rituals on your behalf for a continuous 49 days to appease the spirits. The cost of the ritual include joss stick , paper money, offerings to appease the spirits and etc. They would claim they are doing everything out of compassion as priests/monks. The money is for the temple to buy the ritual items.  There are lots of parasites taking advantage of the helpless. People would think you are crazy. Some of your friends might even try to avoid you fearing the "spirit" might disturb them too.

Previously, if anyone mention demonic/spiritual possession, I would tell them I am not a ghost buster or an exorcist.  Even though, I was a disciple of a temple for several years, I have no ability in dealing with the unknown. I would had actually ask these people to seek help from the Chief Priests/Monks. Recently, someone brought a young woman who claim she got disturbed by another entity/soul. Everything seem so hopeless for her as she seek to overcome her problems. She even stop working as she was physically and mentally exhausted. She told me she had lost hope of life and need help fast. When I went over to her house to treat her. I noticed her forehead was grayish and clearly indented at the center of the forehead. The marking were similar to mine (see photo above). Her third eye area was darker, grayish and more indented. This immediately brought a smile to me. It was just chakra activation and has nothing do do with the spirit or soul.  She was still adamant and insistent that she was telling the truth. She was skeptical of what I told her which was inconsistent with what the priests and monks told her. She told me she saw energies coming from the wall etc. I assured her I see more things and it is normal for those with activated third eye chakra and some . It is a spinning /whirling energy. I told her I had gone through it more than 25 years ago. I just released the energies from her head by using acupressure. It took me about 2 hours to make her feel totally relieved. At the same time, I asked her to drink lots of slightly hot water.  I told her never to tell anyone she got any such problem. People would only think she is crazy and take advantage of her. I told her to tell everyone she is cured and does not have any problem. 

Of course you cannot expect everything to be back to normal again. I cannot say that I can make the person become normal again. Once the chakra especially the 3rd eye and crown chakras are activated, it cannot be normal again. What has happened cannot be undone. Some can even hear voices and see energies, making themselves suspecting it to be some spiritual possession or someone placing a curse on them.  However, I can help release the excessive energies in the head and therefore bring relief to the migraine, fever, ear ringing and etc. There is nothing I can do if the person insist that he/she is disturbed by spirit or ghosts. Many people have to suffer for their follies in activating the chakras too quickly without the aid of a qualified master. Unless they meet someone with the real ability to help them, life would be a real nightmare. Everyone seems to have a solution but none actually work. They would  all be just wasting your time and money. If you can live/bear with the energies then everything will be fine. You can even delve deeper into the unknown.

Then there was this sickly man from USA who used the name Weeping Dragon (who was still studying). He was interested in Qi Ball and keenly follow my videos in the Youtube such as Chi Dynamics Real Colorful Qi/Chi Ball and other videos in my channel. He has learned some qigong for several years. One day he locked himself up in the room and started to do qiball for hours . He started having his limbs move on their own and he lost control of himself. He wrote to me to take back my demonic energies as he only believe in Christ. I told him he had gone into a chi free-flow and has nothing to do with demon or me. I told him to be grateful as many people pay thousands of USD yet still not able to do a Chi Free Flow. I have never given any energy to him. He was emotionally charged and strongly believe I was placing something on him. I also reminded him that he cannot unlearn or undo what he did. He have to accept the fact that he had inadvertently learn the "free-flow of qi" and use his Yi to direct the qi. I told him he was his own master and should accordingly take charge of his own mind and sanity. Later he wrote to apologize and wish to offer me a token of appreciation which I refuse. He is now much healthier than before and much happier (at least that is what he claimed). 

I have also witnessed some people who lost control of themselves while doing a magnetic qi free flow dance. Some do martial art moves. Some eventually lost controlled of themselves.

Actually the solution  is quite simple. Just drink lots of slightly hot warm water and do some acupressure (by pressing the areas at the base of the skull) to reduce the heat/pressure at the head areas, Just accept the energies as part of yourself.

If you have any such problems, please do not tell everyone as they would  think you are weird /crazy and need a psychologist. Even your loved ones might think you are crazy. Some would also take advantage of you. You just tell everyone you are fine. If you need my help, just e-mail me at or call my mobile at 60126570647.

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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Practical tips in overcoming Chronic Skin Diseases (Dermatitis and Psoriasis)

Practical tips in overcoming Ski

Practical tips in overcoming Chronic Skin Diseases (Dermatitis and Psoriasis)

To provide an understanding of skin problems and how to help yourself overcome them. Psoriasis is Curable and I have awakened from the nightmare. You too do not need to suffer needlessly. Just be open minded. 

What is Psoriasis and Dermatitis?
Dermatitis is a blanket term meaning "inflammation of the skin" (i.e. rashes). Psoriasis is a chronic skin disorder which is incurable (according to dermatologist). It may include both dermatitis symptoms (such as rashes and skin inflammations) and psoriasis symptoms (such as areas of white hardened and layered skins).
Many doctors will say that psoriasis is non contagious. Don't believe them. They admit they have no clue on how to cure psoriasis and classify it as incurable. Perhaps if you do not scratch them it will not be contagious. Weeping skins and wounds provide viruses that can cause infection to the areas touched. Sometimes rashes suddenly appeared on my lips, ears and scalp. These rashes are due to unhealthy habit of inadvertently touching the areas after having touched the open wound of dermatitis /psoriasis infected areas (which is not dry especially after scratching). Therefore please wash your hands with soap after touching the affected areas. Dermatitis always work side by side with psoriasis. I used to have just a few tiny rashes on my left leg but within months spread to all over my body like the pictures below. Do not take chance.

We must also help the skin to breathe properly. When the skin is covered and unable to breathe, it become psoriasis. This is described in detail under Personal Care and Hygiene 5) below.

Skin problems can be very stressful and might be the result of a stressful life style. It might look very unsightly and probably even your close friends and family members might avoid you for fear of getting infected. Some of these diseases are contagious. 
Eventually as I exercises more with qigong, do lots of manual laborious work, strengthening my immune system, there was no need for any cure. It just slowly disappeared over 2 years. 

Skin Inflamation

The above are from nightmares. Even if you get healed, you are constantly reminded by the marking all over your body. Luckilly I do not have any on the face.


So you see it is curable but unforgetable.

Here are some advice and tips for psoriasis and dermatitis patients

Having live with skin diseases for more than 30 years (of trials and errors), I possess more information of the disease than most people. I have got myself whack until both my legs were swollen and bruised, acupuncture, herbal, moxibustion, injections, blood tests, urine test, sample tissue test and etc. Both western and traditional medicine did not work for me. At the beginning, I was only using ointment in 15 gm tube. Later I was purchasing the whole jar. I was given 30% discount by the pharmacy. 

Below are some of the things that helped me say goodbye to psoriasis.
The first thing when one is diagnose to have psoriasis is to learn to accept the fact. Acceptance is very important since denial will not do you any good or help you in any way. You must accept the fact and see what are your options available to you. Be logical and look through the options. What has happened, is a reality and cannot be changed. Therefore we must do the right thing to help ourselves. You must look at the positive side or else there can be no cure for you.

Reality Check - Do not jump from the frying pan into the fire
Once it has been confirmed that you have a chronic illness, one should have a reality check. You should know what is the worst case scenario and what is your chances of a cure. You must do some deep down reality check. If your illness is not life threatening, do not accept a solution that might make you into a moron with no cure in sight. If you only have chronic skin disorder (psoriasis), why take injections that does not provide a cure but cause you further miseries such as lost of memories, hairs and etc. Be logical. If you do not help yourself, who would? Do not get opinions from people with no experience or knowledge of the disease. Talk to specialists but you must also evaluate them carefully. Be prudent. Do not jump from the frying pan into the fire. Do not listen to everyone as there are a lot of "scavengers" taking advantage of people who are in need of help and in distress. Be on the look out for conman who like to prey on the helpless. There are Qigong "masters" who ask you to pay lots of money to help you get well. These people play with our emotions to try to con us. Then there are others who have no abilities to help us but just want to be "busy bodies". These people instead of helping us, give us more stress and waste our precious time. Even the dermatologist will tell you there is no cure, you must accept the fact. The only thing they can do is to help you control it from getting worse by way of medication. But I am a living proof that a cure is possible. I do not need any medication anymore. It is the cheapest and most effective natural cure.

There is a need to change your lifestyle and mindset to help you in the healing process. As you come to term with your illness, you must recognize that there is a need to adjust your lifestyle and remove any unhealthy habits such as smoking, unhealthy eating habits (eating excessively or hurriedly), unhealthy sleeping habits (not enough rest) and etc. Do not listen to everyone's advice.  Be logical. All food should generally be less sugar,  less salt, less acidic (and more alkaline) and less animal fats. Drink lots of warm water regularly. Do not seek for miracle cures. The only person capable of producing any miracle is yourself. Miracle only happen because you will it to happen. You must have faith in yourself. Think positively. 
Exercises / Qigong / Yoga
Any kind of rigorous physical exercises can help. If you incorporate proper breathing into the exercises it would be much better.
It is a known fact that we are constantly stressed by our surroundings and what happen to our lives. We need to do breathing exercises to bring down our stress. Meditation might also help. When you slow down your breathing, automatically your heart also beat more slowly and you are able to become more calm. Look at the way a baby sleep and how the baby breathe. You will notice that the baby belly expand as the baby breathe in and back to normal as he/she exhale. Similarly, in qigong and mind control, you try to relearn what you have forgotten as a child. You try to have deeper  breathing (not just your chest level but down to your belly). This will definitely help those with breathing difficulties. These breathing exercises also help build up your lung and stomach muscles. Regular deep diaphragm breathing qigong exercises does help to strengthen the immune system. With a strengthened immune system, most of my illness disappeared within 2 years.   

Personal Care and Hygiene
You must learn to take care of yourself. You must be very disciplined and hygienic. 

1) Please refrain from scratching yourself as the area scratched might become infected. You see scratching will make the area affected become inflamed and the rashes spread to a larger area. Always keep the finger nails short and clean. My advice is to wear cotton gloves so that you would not unconsciously scratch yourself during your sleep. WOUNDS AND WEEPING SKINS ARE CONTAGIOUS. Sleep inside a mosquitoes net to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes. Mosquitoes bites can cause itchiness and a desire to scratch the affected area. 

Another reason for scratching is due to sweating at the armpit areas, the joint between the upper and lower limbs etc. If do you sweat, please clean yourself with soap and water. Always keep yourself clean and dry. Change your clothing that is dirty or sweaty. Be hygienic. Do not share your towel with others especially if you have opem wound or weeping skin. Viruses and bacterias might be passed on to your loved ones. Make sure you change the towel regularly to ensure you do not inadvertantly spread it to other unaffected areas. You must be very strict on the hygience.

The scratching might bring some temporary relief to the itchiness but would cause injury and inflammation to the sensitive skin encouraging the spread of dermatitis. So if you cannot control the urge to scratch the affected area, you at least keep your finger nails short. You should wear cotton gloves when you go to bed.

If you scratched the affected areas during your sleep you will have problem going back to sleep. The bed sheet would be smeared with blood from the wounds. Then there is the weeping skins. So you need to use iodine to clean the wounds and hopefully get it to dry up. The blood will stop but the wound might still weep (a yellowish liquid). If you cannot stop it, use a plaster with an absorbent (apply some ointment on it) to seal the wound. It was real nightmares for me. After that you might not be able to get to sleep. Wear cotton gloves if you must. Remember do not scratch yourself under any circumstances! 

2) Do not let any injuries/wounds become wet. I remember when I fell from my motor bike more than 30 years ago, when ever the injuries touch water it became very difficult to heal. The areas already dried was about to heal suddenly become soft and itchy. The areas started to weep and soon you see pus. It become infected again. So do avoid water at the area of the wound if you want the wound to heal faster. Do not allow the skin to weep. It can get infected. Wash your hands with soap, if you touch the wounds. 

3) Always keep your finger nails short and clean. This is to prevent you from scratching yourself and getting infected by the dirty nails.

4) For those with sweaty feet, please wear cotton socks and change it everyday. Nylon socks are not suitable because it cannot absorb the sweats from your feet. The sweat will cause some skin on the sole of your feet to peel off and can be the start of the skin problems. You can also apply some powder before you wear the sock.

5) If you sweat, try to wipe off the sweat with a dry towel. You can also use some luke warm water to wash the sweaty areas. Taking a bath is another option. When you sweat, the areas at the joints of the limbs such as the joints of the upper/lower limbs, armpit area and groin area might become itchy. When you start scratching the areas, this can cause inflammation at the areas. Previously, I always have a few heat rashes /inflammations per year where the urge to scratch defy any logic. Eventually the whole areas (as mentioned) would be extremely itchy and red. When you start scratching it would become very unsightly and difficult to control. Alway keep inflamed area dry and cool. Calamine lotions can cool down the inflamed areas but not 100% effective. The cooling St Luke's Pricky Heat Powder (also known as Snake powder) is less effective alternative. The idea is to keep all inflamed skin cool and dry.

6) Those hardened white skin on psoriasis patients make it difficult for their skin to breathe. So whenever you are free, use a sharp blade to slowly and softly scrape off as much of the hardened skin as possible. Be careful not to cut yourself. With practiced, you will learn to identify the type of skin that can and cannot be scrapped. You can also apply olive oil and other healing oil to soften the skin. If you managed to get the area cleared of dead skin, small hairs will slowly grow out  and your skin will be able to breathe again. Very soon it will look almost normal again except for some discoloring. I discovered this through trials and errors.

1) You must be careful of eating too much of the little yellow brown pills (to prevent itchiness and let you sleep better). Doctors and Skin Specialist like to prescribe the pill so that you would not scratch yourself while sleeping. It might not work for you. If your mind is focus on something, you might not be able to sleep. It could also probably be due to scratching during your sleep. See Personal Care and Hygiene 1) above. You might probably fall asleep while driving to work. I was involved in several car accidents (I drove into the car in front of mine).

2) Continuous usage of antibiotics and steroids may cause thinning of the skins and psoriasis. You can depend on ointment such as Dermovate recommended by many doctors but it was ineffective for me. The skin specialist claimed it was the strongest. I have better luck with Diprocel and Diprosalic ointment. Diprosalic contains salic acid which may help to break through the hardened skins. Ointment is more effective than cream as it is more oily. If you have not use it before perhaps it might help you recover from your problem. Prolong usage is not advisable. Apply ointment thinly and uniformly over affected areas.

3) Some Chinese Medicine for removal of toxin in the blood might also help. You can get it in tablets of 30 pills. Some are quite effective against body heat and toxin in the blood which causes inflammation of the skins.

4) Do not use any oil on the areas affected by dermatitis (rashes and inflammation of the skin). As the areas are inflamed, you need to cold it down. Olive Oil or other oil will not be suitable. You need something cooling. The most important thing is your skin must be able to breathe. If your skin cannot breathe, you will feel itchy and thus the need to scratch. I rather let my skin be dry but not cracked. You need the oil or lotion only when it is too dry not otherwise.
Proper Nutrition

1) Eat a balanced meal. If you eat very little and blame it on the appetite, you are looking for trouble. Eating too much will also be bad for your health. Eating vegetarian food alone does not guarantee you would be cured. I actually took vegetarian food for more than 1 year without any noticeable changes. If your body do not get enough nutrients how can your immune system be strong. All food should generally be less sugar,  less salt, less acidic (and more alkaline) and less animal fats. You cannot expect to be healthy when you eat excessively or unhealthily. Please eat slowly and digest your food properly. No junk food or untested products.

2) You need to drink lots of hot to warm water to help release the toxin either through your kidney (urine) or through your sweats.
Proper Rest 

1) All of us need to sleep properly in order for us to become healthy. We should preferably be able to sleep for at least 8 hours. Sleeping allows your immune system to take over the healing process. If you do not sleep well, you will be unhealthy. Bruce Lee did not have sufficient rest and took pain killers. He went into a coma and died.

2) Worries and stressful life style can make your psoriasis get worse. Look at the positive side. Read more motivational books or articles. You can click on to our Chi Dynamics Cheras website at Remember what is past is long gone and cannot be changed. What you can change is now and the future. Be logical.

Empower yourself to become healthier through the above proven methods. Psoriasis is curable and I am the proof. There are lots of visible markings on my limbs and body as proof that at one time or another were affected by dermatitis and psoriasis. You do it step by step, making your immune system stronger day by day. There is a need to change your lifestyle and mindset to help you in the healing process. As you come to term with your illness, you must recognize that there is a need to adjust your lifestyle and remove any unhealthy habits such as smoking, unhealthy eating habits (eating excessively or hurriedly), unhealthy sleeping habits (not enough rest) and etc. Do not listen to everyone's advices.  Be logical. All food should generally be less sugar,  less salt, less acidic (and more alkaline) and less animal fats. Drink lots of warm water regularly. Please try not to scratch the affected area under any circumstances. After touching any affected areas do wash your hands to avoid spreading it to other people or other parts of your body. Do proper Qigong breathing exercises daily. Do not seek for miracle cures. The only person capable of producing any miracle is yourself. Miracle only happen because you will it to happen. You must have faith in yourself. Read more motivation books and articles. Take care. 

If you need more advice or clarification, do not hesitate to contact me at 012-6570647 or just email me at tiockfeng@hotmail.comClick here if you want to read more on my experiences on Psoriasis when I was in my 1st year learning qigong.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012




Qi Emission 2                                           The Healing Qiball                                 Real Colorful Qiball

This article is in respond to those people who want to know more about Qigong or my videos on This article will cover the all the basics loosening and breathing exercises; topic of qi ball;  qi emission (fa qi/ fa chi or in Cantonese Fart Hei) and meditation. 

Basically, Qi is a general term for breath, air bubble, energy and etc.  For those who want to know about Qi, please refer to my article, Chi - The Universal Energy.

What exactly is qigong/ chi gong ? Qigong is the art of harnessing and using qi. Basically, qigong is a set of exercises compiled by a master. Like in cooking, the chef will always add his style and flavor to his recipe, a master will have his own emphasis. For example Chen Tai Chi Chuan (Chen style Tai Chi) is the original modern day Tai Chi Chuan which suddenly appeared in the 17th century at the Chen Jia kow (Chen Ravine). After Yang Lu Sian learned the Chen Tai Chi Chuan, he made it more graceful (rou) and slow. He named it as Yang Tai Chi Chuan. Now there are so many new Tai Chi Chuan style with their own emphasis which are offshoots from Chen and Yang Tai Chi Chuan. The Wudang Tai Chi Chuan in the original moves was created by Wudang founding father Chan San Feng in around 1200. Similarly in Qigong, some master will prefer more physical movements while others will prefer more breathing. It is a matter of personal preference. For me there must be lots of breathing, movements and non movements (as in meditations). Then there is Qigong and Neigong (internal art).

If we want to be good at qigong, we must first have an open mind. Each of us has been given different abilities, play different roles, chosen different paths in life and have differing destinies. Before I started Qigong, I had been practicing Kundalini Yoga meditation since 1986. My chakras have long been activated but I still found myself saddled with all kinds of health problems such as psoriasis which the skin specialist said had no cure; cold limbs, sinus and etc. Please refer to my articles Self Healing with Qigong  and How I heal myself (Psoriasis and Dermatitis)

I had thought that we all breathe all the time so why do we still need to learn how to breathe? When you look around in a qi gong class, the people are all either old or sick or both. Frankly, I had never really wanted to learn qigong.  The truth was I didn't know much about qi or how it function.  

Some examples of what Qi can do

 My legs recovering from psoriasis (which skin specialists claim there is no cure).

A few months later , all the above is no longer in sight. The scars while unsightly still remain but it is nothing compare to having to consume and apply antibiotics and steroids every few hours.

Breathing and posture
If we notice the babies when they are asleep, we can see their tummy heaving in (as they breathe in) and out (as they breathe out). As the babies grow older, their body postures changes and so do their breathing habit. Modern men would always try to have the v shape body. I was told by a body builder former collage mate that they cannot do jogging as this would make their waist grow bigger. So naturally it is breathing up to the chest level. You see even Bruce Lee would do anything to get the waist to be muscular and fat free. Wudang founding father Chang San Feng had lived well past a century when he founded Tai Chi Chuan while in seclusion. His body was slightly hunched and had pot belly. He teaches deep diaphragm breathing. He was exactly opposite to Bruce Lee's muscular v shape body. Bruce Lee died at 32 years 8 months. 

Professional soccer players are consider some of the fittest sport people with doctors, physiotherapists and health experts making sure they eat and train as planned. Recently there was this soccer player Muamba in English Premier League who lost consciousness during a game (Bolton V Spur) and was rush to hospital. He has since recovered well enough to leave hospital. An Italian soccer player also lost consciousness a few weeks later. However the Italian player was not so lucky and died on the way to hospital. So what modern science and medical specialists conclude as healthy might just be a death trap. Despite all the careful monitoring of nutrition, modern workout and training methods under the watchful eyes of specialists, these wealthy stars are more at risk than a hermit living in seclusion on top of Mount Wudang (who does not get or need any medical attention). 

Our doctors /specialists seems to group most diseases as incurable. You seems to get steroids, antibiotic and painkillers for everything. Painkillers does not cure / heal your pain, it only numb our nerve to mask it as if there is no pain. The pain (or even cancer) is a message from our body telling us that something is wrong with the way we are living our lives. This should not and cannot go on any further. We need to draw a line and get rid of all unhealthy habits such as not enough rest, eating too much or too fast and not enough proper exercises. If you want to be healthy, please click here. Bruce Lee had proper nutrition and exercises but he does not have enough rest. His immune system just broke down and he died while in a coma. These so call incurable diseases are mostly curable. I have healed many people who have to rely on painkillers to sleep. As long as you find the source of the pain and healed it, there is no need for painkillers. 

  Recently, a really muscular security guard in his mid twenties from Nepal (claim to be a karate black belt and body builder was gloating about breaking bricks /planks  with his bare hands) told me mockingly (Chinese soft soft, Nepalis strong strong) meaning  my flesh and muscle were soft and he was strong with big biceps. I smilingly asked him to poke at my soft tummy and then at the tiny soft fleshy area under my Adam's apple. He was surprised that the soft tissues suddenly hardened when he tried to push. The harder he pushed, the harder the flesh become. I wanted to push my index finger at his throat area but he ran off. As I am always loosened and relaxed, my flesh will always be soft like a baby. When someone poke or push me, then only will there be resistance. A former senior of mine claim one should be stiff all the time like in the hard qigong or martial arts (he was learning), which I totally disagree. If you are hard, if I were to punch you, you will definitely be seriously injured. If you are loosened, my punch will not be able to harm you as you move with the momentum. It is like hitting a balloon.  A punch will only make the balloon bounce away (unless the balloon is tie and fixed to a certain spot which will make it burst). A few days later, I met the same guard again and he requested my help on his sprained elbow/muscles (as a result of frequent body building training in the gym). Now all the security guards at that place know how strong I can be. 

The proper way of breathing is to breathe in through the nose. Hold it for 4 to 6 seconds and then very slowly exhale all the air from the belly for about six seconds for a start. You can later extend it to 12 seconds or even longer. This can help you build up your stomach muscles. It can also help to slow down your heat beat in tandem with your breathing. There are some people who can take some punches after learning this type of breathing.  Please be warned that you must also know how to cut off the pain before you try to take punches with your stomach. Obviously, many masters have techniques of receiving a hard punch. It is best for you to learn it under the proper guidance of a master. 

Proper Ready Stance Position

Before we begin, we must get into the right frame of mind by being quiet and relaxed. Shoulder slightly drooped and loosened. Buttock slightly tuck in like you are sitting on a bench. Hands by the side, legs slightly bend at shoulder width. The weight distribution is 60% on Yong Chuan and 40% on heel. Make sure the knees do not cover the toes. Use your Yi to focus on your Dan Tian. Please look at the picture below fot the correct stance.



1)   QUIET  (JING)

Proper Deep Breathing

Breathing is the most important aspect of qigong. With normal breathing, qigong becomes normal exercises. Many qigong and tai chi practitioners having 20 to 30 years of practicing still look very ordinary and cannot even feel qi. Yet many people learning the 1st lesson from me can feel qi. Please take note of the following:

1)   All inhale is through the nose
2)   All holding of breath is 4 seconds to 6 seconds.
3)   Exhale can be by blowing through the mouth (which is water). For meditation purposes all exhale is through the nose with tongue on the palate (metal).
4)   For a start exhale should be at least 6 seconds. You can extend it to 12 seconds or longer when you progress at a later stage.
5)   Always follow the hold 4 seconds exhale 6 seconds and relax 4 seconds.

Breathing Exercises


Hands by the side                                            Lift hands to eye level

This is a very simple exercise which most Chinese martial artist and qigong practitioners take for granted. From your ready stance, lift both hands to eye level. Breathe in and hold for 4 to 6 seconds. Slowly blow out and in tandem bring your hands downward (as slow as possible) until there is no air in your belly.

Few people realize the importance of this exercise. This exercise can strengthen your lung and stomach muscles, slow down your heart beat, reduces stress, help recover faster from strenuous works and lots of other benefits. Whenever I am exhausted mentally or physically, I would do this exercise at least 6 times (9 times would be even better). See my video on Youtube Free Useful Qigong Lesson 1 - Loosening Exercises.

Loosening Exercises

Hand Twirling with wrists                                                       Hands bouncing up


                                                              Hands bouncing down

Hands Loosening
First place the hands by the side and stance in the ready stance. Turn the wrists of your hands like you are trying to unscrew and re-screw a light bulb. When you are quite fluent with the hand movements, you can add the breathing (mentioned earlier) together with the hand movements.

Please note that there are 3 joints; 1) shoulder and upper arm; upper arm and lower arm; lower arm and palm. When you are really good you should be able to move all three joints simultaneously. The next exercise is to bounce your palms upward and downward together with the breathing. The next exercise is the exact opposite where you flip your palms downward and then upward together with the breathing.

Some people would tell me this is real basic stuffs any qigong and tai chi practitioner should know. Unfortunately it is harder than most people realize. Most people do the exercises with normal breathing. I have not seen any person other than my students who can move all the joints simultaneously. If you do these exercises daily, you might be able to be free from problems of the hands.


Lift your right shoulder and roll backward bringing it downward. This will automatically lift the left shoulder which you should also roll backward and downward.

Shoulders Loosening
You should be in the ready stance. If you do this exercise daily and correctly, you will have loosened shoulders and be free from shoulder problem. Do not use the muscle strength, the elbow or hand to roll the shoulders. Just imagine as if you do not have any hands. Just lift your right shoulder and roll it backward. This will automatically move your shoulder downward and lift up the left shoulder. Now roll your left shoulder backward. As your left shoulder move downward, lift your right shoulder and roll it backward. Repeat the exercise for at least 10 minutes. Please watch my 
Free Useful Qigong Lesson 2 - Shoulders Rolls on Youtube. Those who are good in this exercise would also have a head start over others trying to learn qigong. It is a very important exercise which people choose to neglect out of pure ignorance.           


         Tap earth’s energies                                          Play with magnetic energies



Directs energies to Dan Tian                  Store your qi at Dan Tian

Feeling and Playing with energies (Standing Meditation)

When you stand in the sun, you automatically absorb the sun energies whether you want to or not. That is why you can feel sick after walking in the sun, a trip to a crowded area, a strong gust of wind and etc. When the energies are not required or at the right place such as the Dan Tian, you might get sick. To really harness the energies, you need to store it at the Tan Tien (2 to 3 inches below the belly).

Stand at the ready stance and hands by the side. We can try to feel the earth's magnetic field with our hands. If you cannot feel it, you may close your eyes for better focus. Learn to be loosened and relaxed (soong). The breathing for meditation is inhale and exhale through the nose. The tongue should be on the palate. Remember to use the hold 4 seconds exhale 6 seconds and relax (while breathing in) 4 seconds). You may start playing with them like pushing the two palms to meet each other and feel the palms repelling each other. This is due to our own magnetic fields.  Remember the more you play with it the better you will become.

After playing with your magnetic qi for 1 to 2 minutes, you may bring your laogong (the white spot area at the centre of your palms) to face each other. You may feel the energies interacting between the laogong of your palms. Some students may feel sensations on their palms such as vibratory flow, heat flow, blood flow, neuro chemical flow and magnetic flow. However please remember that we are all differently constituted and will have differing progress. Some may be able to learn it faster than others. However, overall mastery comes with the right mind (yi) and willpower. After you have done it for around 5 minutes (you can extend it up to half an hour if you wish). Please remember to save the energies at the Tan Tien by placing your hands there. You can then release any excess energies to the ground or the trees. You may watch Free Useful Qigong Lesson 3 - Playing with Qi (magnetic flow) on Youtube. This is a type of standing meditation

Checking your Progress

When you practice, choose a warm place and practice with your friends. With friends, people tends to learn faster. They try to outdo/ outlast each other making difficult tasks easier. Feeling of qi is a sign of progress. Lots of people cannot feel it at all. For the breathing exercises, make sure you are following it correctly. You need to master the loosening exercises and shoulder rolls by doing them at least 30 minutes each day. Remember the more effort you put in the more progress you make. If you have been practicing the shoulder roll correctly, your shoulders would feel light and loosened. This will allow your qi to flow unobstructed. If you are doing the loosening exercises correctly, your palms should be very red and fill with warm qi after the exercise. If you are doing the breathing correctly, you will have stronger lung and stomach muscles. You would also be less tiring and be more calm and patient. If you have master the playing with qi, you should be able to feel the magnetic flow allowing your centre of palms to repel each other. Obviously you should train harder .Do not drink cold water or take a cold bath immediately after qigong. Rest for at least 1 hour.

As mentioned above, our mind is a very powerful tool provided we know how to use it. Coupled with a strong will, many seemingly impossible things might become possible to be performed. For instance it is not logical for Master Zhou to break a brick with just a piece of newspaper or John Chang (aka DJ) to light up the newspaper with just his qi. Master Zhou/Jo appeared in Ripley Believe It or Not and many other shows, was able to bring his hands' temperature to almost boiling point as recorded by a thermal camera. This is only possible when one has done lots of meditations enabling the Yin (negative) and the Yang (positive) qi to be integrated. It is the bio electricity in our body. One must always be loosened and relaxed to allow the blood and qi to flow unobstructed. For more on meditation please read my article on Meditation. You may also watch my videos  Aura Expansion (close up version) and Aura Expansion Meditation  on Youtube. Advanced practitioners might be able to expand their aura/energies to cover a certain area.

Fa Chi (Qi Emission)
Fa Chi is the art of emitting qi. This comprises of Yi (mind/will power/intent) to direct the Qi. The purpose of fa qi is to send the energies to stimulate another person such as in healing. The people in witch craft can also use it for evil purposes. You can fa chi with your palm, fingers, eyes and mind. But everything would be useless if not directed by a focused mind and a strong will (Yi). How can you feel the qi if you are doubting its existence? How can you see qi when your mind reject the possibility? Just as the fish in the water does not realize the importance of water, the man in the midst of qi does not realize the importance of qi. It is only when the fish is out of the water that the water becomes important. Similarly, a man cannot be without qi. When the oxygen does not reach the brain, we get a stroke and might even die. 

By right we should have sufficient Yin and Yang Qi to achieve an equilibrium. However some people have more Yang Qi and vice versa. That is why some people's palms are warm while others are cold. Those with cold limbs can do with a dose of Yang qi.
We can Fa Chi to give qi to another person who is deficient in Yang qi. Of course if you learn qigong you will also be able to build up your qi level. For a person with too much Yang qi, we can help reduce the Yang qi by making the person sweat and also pressing the respective meridian points.

As mentioned, qi emission is via the fingers, centre of palms (loa gong) and eyes directed by Yi (the mind and a strong will). In my videos Real Colorful Qi Emission Part 1 & 2, you see qi emissions from my hands. In Colorful Real Finger Tips Qi Emission, you see energies from my finger tips. These energies are all drawn from my Tan Tien (Qi Storage Area about 2-3 inches below the belly) and directed by my Yi (mind and will power). It is not uncommon for a person to yell out loud to help push a bigger amount of qi out. So you will also see his hand vibrating violently. They are people who see my video and advice me to relax. Thanks for the nice gesture but you cannot draw a great amount of energy without a big effort.
I have seen videos of people being affected by qi but honestly most of it have to be connected with YI (mind and strong will). I do believe that we can feel a master qi and to some degree be affected by it. Some people feel warm while other feel a tingling sensation. Kindly refer to my article on Internal Martial Arts for more on using qi to affects others. 

Qiball is normally an imaginary ball because the qi is so light in color that most people will find it hard to see. Only with proper contrast and a large amount of qi can it be visible.
In order for one to be able to make a qiball, one has to first learn to feel qi and play with it. Use your mind to feel the qi. Close your eyes for better focus and relax. Place your hand in front of your stomach with the centre of the palms facing each other. In my Real Colorful Qiball, someone ask me how  to feel qi. There is a magnetic field in all of us. Do not be surprise when you close your eyes and let go of yourself, you can actually feel the qi repelling each other. It is a pleasant feeling. Some have tingling sensation on their hands. Do not be too excited as everyone has qi. Accept it as something normal and you will be able to progress faster. Keep playing with qi even when you are watching TV or talking to someone close (as outsider will normally consider you weird). The more you train to use qi, the more you are able to feel and see it. 

When you are sufficiently good at feeling and playing with qi, you can now start doing a qi ball. A qiball is round therefore you see in my video Real Colorful Qiball that I keep moving my hands in circles to keep the qi concentrated and round. Keep in mind that it does not matter whether you can see it or not. Even if you cannot see it, you can imagine it is there. The more you use your Yi (mind and strong will) the clearer will the qiball become. Seeing energies is not something that is easy to master. Some suddenly realise they can see energies when they started meditation. There are some who will never be able to see energies. Some students will never be able to make it because they are not willing to put in the efforts required. Half hearted attempts will only attract half hearted results. 

There was a 20 years old boy who locked himself in his room and started to do qiball when he realised his limbs could move on their own. He wrote to me to take back my energies as he only believe in Christ. I told him not to panic and calm down. I did not gave him any energy. Being impatient and trying to learn without the guidance of a master, he had inadvertently activated the autonomous free flow of qi . There are masters who charged several hundreds to thousands of dollars for such courses. Instead of being thankful, he actually accused me of witchcraft, devil, etc. Later he wrote to appologize and offer some token of appreciation which I rejected. Qigong is a non religious art of breathing and mind control. 

In my latest qiball video, The Ultimate Healing Qiball  you will be able to see it in the form of a Naruto's Rasengan. Of course it is not for killing anyone. I use it to heal my patients and help them overcome their health problems. 

Make sure you watch it on big screen on your computer or TV and you will definitely like it. It is the best qiball I have ever made. There is no other qiball like it. See the incredibly clear qi circulating in a qiball between my palms. I have not seen anything like this anywhere.

Lastly please learn it from someone who is qualified to teach.  If you are interested you can watch all my videos on Youtube in my channel

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