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Monday, August 9, 2010

Self Healing - Psoriasis (Chronic Skin Disorder) and other illnesses Part 2

Self Healing - Psoriasis (Chronic Skin Disorder) and other illnesses Part 2

In the earlier article, Self Healing, I have included 2 photos of my legs recovering from dermatitis induced psoriasis which according to my skin specialist  was incurable. I have spend a fortune trying to get healed. My mother even bring me to see traditional herbal healers in the remote villages/areas where some well known physicians operate from.

As I did not take any picture of myself  when I was having dermatitis induced psoriasis, I look through the internet for pictures which resemble my conditions then. At least the reader will be able to feel my helplessness and how stressful it was.

I used to have inflamed rashes all over my body especially my back, limbs and buttock. I was applying ointment all over my body several times a day beside popping up pills trying to control the dermatitis similar to the one on the left (except for the flab). I regularly visited the company clinic but they were of no help. The doctor wrote a note and asked me to give it to the dermatologist at University Hospital, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia in 1986. I was at first only using diprocel ointment (of 15 mg tube) as recommended by the dermatologist. I was given a note from the dermatologist to the doctor at the company's clinic. In view of the cost of the oilment I would require, my company notified me that they will not pay for any future medical bill. I was forced to try out the big jar biprosalic by a local company. I was offered 30% discount by the pharmacy. It cut down my ointment cost by 60%. It was extremely stressful and I was living in a nightmare. I had seen all types of doctors and physician whether traditional or modern to no avail.

I had to wear long sleeve and long pant everywhere I go. Even when I stayed at my family house for vacation, I would wear long sleeves and pant so that I do not get stared at and asked questions I could not answer. I was quite close to my nieces who little kids then. When they started to get rashes, I felt guilty. It might probably be from me as no one else has it. Why me?

As the years passes by the steroid become less effective. The dermatitis suddenly got worst. I went to see a skin specialist in Cheras, Malaysia. After several visits and treatments, some sample tissue were cut from my buttock (which would resemble the picture on the right). The laboratory report stated that I had dermatitis induced psoriasis. The white colored skins are actually hardened skins which prevent the skin from breathing properly. In some cases, the skin grew on top of another layer of skin. As the hair cannot grow and is trapped beneath the skin, the area can become itchy and there is always a tendency to scratch them. You might be able to prevent yourself from scratching while you are conscious /awake. When you are asleep you might just scratch at those infected areas. It felt so very nice until you suddenly realized what you have just done. By then your bed sheet would be covered with blood and dead skins. The nice feeling has suddenly turned into a nightmare. Now you have to treat your wound to stop the bleeding. Next you have to stop the weeping skin from oozing out a transparent yellowish liquid. After that you can hardly go back to sleep. It was a living hell. 

Those pills the specialist gave to control the itchiness did not work for me. It make me drowsy in the morning and was the cause of two cars accidents. In the first accident, I rammed into a slow moving car. The second time I was too drowsy to brake in time as I ram into another at the traffic light. Luckily no one was injured.

In part 1, I have shown you the almost healed pictures below. This is of course very much better than those pictures above. While these are still considered ugly but is no longer even 10% as stressful as the above pictures. If you continue to scrape these flakely skin with a sharp knife, you will slowly get it healed within months to what is below.

Notice the difference between the top photos and the bottom photos. The colored areas represent the newly healed areas. The white spots are also healed but that is the scars left from the dermatitis induced psoriasis. There is no need for medication of any kind. Notice the growth of new hairs on the legs. This allows the skin to breathe. So who say psoriasis is incurable? It is curable. Psoriasis is curable.

Remember there is no cure for acute skin problems in western medical science giving the excuse that they do not know what you are allergic to. There can be so many causes and etc. They even asked me to take injections to control it from getting worse (not a cure). With western medicine you must also expect some side effects such as loss of memories, hairs and etc. Therefore before they do anything to you, you must sign on the dotted line that you agreed to their terms of treatment (that you understand exactly there is no hope of recovery and the side effects of loss of memories and etc). Control means trying to stop it from becoming worst. So what exactly is the point of all these is to get you to become a moron/idiot who forget everything after paying so much money.

So definitely I wouldn't want to try the injection. How can a finance and administration manager function without his memories? Surely there must other alternatives. If you can build up your immune system by way of qigong, it will definitely help you

From the above pictures you can see almost all over my body were affected by either dermatitis or/and psoriasis. There is still lots of markings to remind me of my worst nightmares.

See my article Practical tips in overcoming Chronic Skin Diseases (Dermatitis and Psoriasis)

All along I had practice meditation and had no problem playing with energies. But somehow I had to admit something was not right with me. It is like you have a substation in a residential housing area but all the houses were without electricity. My chakras were activated yet I had all kinds of problems from psoriasis, sinus, cold limbs, migraine and a host of other problems.

I always had doubts on Qigong. What is so special about breathing techniques? Don't we breathe all the time? How can just mere breathing have any effect? 

My Fung Shui master recommend me to take some short courses conducted by his Qigong master (who is residing in Australia) to strengthen my qi. I had always been proud of my years in Yoga meditation and thought the master would noticed it. I had always thought that I had very powerful energies. All the master said was that I was in very bad shape (from looking at my energies). I did not even bother to let him know about my problems. About six months later when I attended the 2nd level, he told me I had made lot of progress and look so much better and had very strong qi. By then I was already attending  weekly Chi Dynamics qigong classes at Cheras. I could feel my energy level going up as I made progress in qigong. Most of my problems either ceased to exist or were on the way to recovery. It took me about 2-3 years of dedicated daily qigong training to totally overcame psoriasis.

I have no qualm in recommending Chi Dynamics qigong to whoever willing to give it a real try. The breathing methods is very important. A Tai Chi or Qigong practitioner might have practiced for more than 20 years but their qi abilities are just normal because they do not know how to relax, focus, visualize and use qi. 

Qigong works on the internal organs and your immune systems making you healthier and less stressful. When qi is able to get to the affected areas it means the blocked areas has been cleared enabling your blood and qi to move unobstructed. It also helps to strengthen your immune system. When we have chronic illness, our immune system is at it weakest. For instance a cancer patient is more likely to be killed by chemotherapy or radiotherapy than by the cancer cells. The chemotherapy kills all cells (irregardless). This will make the already weak immune system even weaker. A mild illness can easily kill anyone under such condition. Many people can get through chemotherapy with the aid of qigong. I still have lots of markings on my body and limbs as testimony of my past (see pictures above).

See my article Practical tips in overcoming Chronic Skin Diseases (Dermatitis and Psoriasis)

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