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Monday, May 10, 2010

Self Healing

Self Healing with Chi Kung and Meditation

How I heal myself of sweaty palms, feet, incurable skin disease (dermatitis and psoriasis), sinus and a host of other health problems.

Since childhood, I have always had delicate health problems. Whenever I became nervous, I would sweat a lot at both my palms and feet making them easy targets for skin problems (which surfaced on my fingers when I was 17 years old). I had no control over my nervousness. My nose was so sensitive that washing my face can cause running nose for several hours (especially in the morning). Even a sneeze could start my running nose. I was easily stressed up and had all kind headache. I decided about 30 years ago that I would not want to use panaldo or aspirin for relief of headache.
I only took up sporting activities after I left high school. I took up Tae Kwon Do when I was 18 years old. It did not help my skin problems or my sensitive nose. I look for all types of medicines (both traditional and western) but to no avail. I took up meditation courses and Simplified Kundalini Yoga (SKY) in 1985. By 1986, I had completed the Master Course for SKY conducted by by the late founder of SKY, Swamiji Maharishi from India.
I now found myself saddled with another problem which I was not able to handle. The Master had left and now we had to train on our own in Malaysia. I was not able to control the strong energy rising up to my head (crown and third eye chakras). I had nose bleeding and fever most of the time for about two years. That is the power of Kundalini Shakti. I managed to get the help of a Buddhist/Taoist master. It was during this time that I started having skin problems at my legs. Prior to 1985 I only have the skin problems on my hands. I was a disciple of the temple for 7 years. Still most of my problems remain intact.
My family members would ask me to see all types of traditional healers which I duly oblige. I even see skin specialists until my boss blocked this medical benefit. 

 dermatitis  patient                                                           buttock with Psoriasis

I went to a skin specialist belonging to a colleague's sister in Cheras, Malaysia. Samples of my tissues were cut from my buttock (see photos above) and taken to the laboratory for studies. The laboratory's report stated that I had Dermatitis induced Psoriasis. Dermatitis is a general term for all skin problem (skin inflamation and rashes). Psoriasis is a severe skin disorder where several layers of skin cells are formed on top of each other. Severe skin problems can be attributed to stress, allergies and a host of other problems making them difficult to cure. Western doctors will try you on all types of antibiotic and steroids. The doctor told me to be rational and accept the fact that there is no cure for the disease. I was told there was only one drug available to control the problem. Please note that control means not to let it get worse. It is not a cure and it had several side effects such as loss of memory and loss of hair. I would have to sign a paper accepting the conditions before they inject the drug into me. As a Finance & Administration Manager of a four star business class hotel, it would be impossible for me to work with a loss of memory. It could be very costly to the hotel since I was involved in every aspects of the hotel 's financial operations. I provided solutions to their every problems especially on matters pertaining to the financial aspects. I had to find an alternative cure or I have to move on.  Loss of memory was something I would not accept. Why make yourself into a moron with no cure in sight. The worst come to the worst I would only be inconvenienced by the psoriasis. It is a nightmare but it is not life threatening.  Be logical, there is no point jumping from the frying pan into the fire. 

Back to my nose problem, I was told that the nasal holes were too small for my nose. I might need a minor operation to solve my sinus problem.
That was about 8 years ago.

About 3 years ago my Fung Shui master recommend me to take up Chi Kung to increase my chi level. Since then I have taken two courses (Five Element Palms (Wu Xing Chang) and Five Element Gentle Mind Hands (Wu Xing Rou Yi Sou). The courses were on hard and soft chi kung and how to use yi (mental power). I also enroll myself for weekly Chi Kung classes.

Due to more than 20 years in various meditations, I have accumulated quite some chi. Learning Chi Kung accelerate this accumulation. Before learning Chi Kung my hands were normally cold (more yin chi). After starting Chi Kung for about 1 year, I discover that I no longer have nose problem, sweaty palms, feet and etc. My dermatitis on my hands have all been healed. My legs can now be considered 98% healed of all skin problems. I did not take any drug. I do however supplement it with some Chinese herbal pills for blood disorder. My nose is no longer afraid of water. I can wash my face without getting any running nose.
My hands are warm and glowing. The perfect hands for a healer.

The following are some of my self healing methods which might be helpful to those who have the basic to understand them :
a) Nose / Lung problem
Do lots of breathing exercises. Joining a chi kung class will be good. Focus on your lung (middle of chest or heart chakra) with the centre of your palms (Lao Gung) facing your lung. Notice the glow and warmth in your lung. Do this for half an hour everyday and feel the difference. Regular exercising of the lung can help strengthen your lung and this will in turn help in your nasal problem. They are interrelated. You can also focus on the tip of your nose or alternate between your lung and nose. There are several ways of strengthening your lungs. You can breathe in through your nose. Hold your breath for 10 seconds and breathe out through your mouth, forcing all the air out from your lung. Try doing this for about half an hour in the morning and half an hour at night. You can also do like the Yogis do by inhaling through the nose. Place your left thumb over your left nasal hole and forcefully blow it out the air through your right nasal hole. Repeat the same procedure with your right thumb over your right nasal hole. Doing this for 10 minutes each day would be very good for your lung. At first you might have phlegm and running nose blocking your air passage. If you manage to forcefully expel them from your system you will be able to breathe in fresher air. Do feel free to contact me if you require further information.

b) Skin Problem

The above are proof of my skin conditions which are almost healed. It will probably take another two months before total healing can be achieved. However some markings from previous use of medicines such as antibiotics / steroids and etc will still be apparent. It will not be as ugly as the above once the normal skin is formed. Currently the affected areas are only a third of the above. I will up date the photos in about 1 month time.

Take two blood cleaning pill once in the morning and once at night. Avoid too much water at the affected areas. Some skin ointment might also help. Over reliance on antibiotic / steroids will have side effects. The reason for clearing the dead skin is to allow new hair growth and allow the skin to breathe. Psoriasis normally involved several layers of skin. It is when the skin try to breathe and is covered by another layer of flesh and hardened skin that brings a lot of inherent skin problems. When you scratched the affected area, it will become inflamed and bleeding will occur. If your finger nails are dirty, the affected areas can be infected. Sometimes weeping skins can occur. Weeping skin is a condition where the skin is injured and some liquid cannot stop flowing out.
Focus your chi on the affected areas. Run your palms above the affected areas. Always keep the affected area dry but soft. the use of some oil on the affected areas to prevent it from getting too dry and cracked. Joining a chi kung class will definitely help. Remove dead skin (by scraping them with a sharp blade (be careful to ensure no damage to the affected areas). Always ensure you do not keep long dirty fingernails. If a certain part is itchy, do no not scratch it or the area will become infected, inflamed and bleeding. It will become more difficult to heal. If you require more information do call me or write to me.

C) Sweaty palms and Legs
Always wear cotton socks to ensure your feet are dry. You can also use talcum powder to ensure your feet are dry. If your feet are wet and sweaty you might get broken skin under your feet. So no plastic socks please. This can cause skin irritation at your feet. Exercise your feet and palms regularly. Chi Kung exercises will be most suitable for palms and feet. 
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As for sweaty legs, you need to do the exercises bare footed for faster result. Chi Kung exercises will definitely help especially when you are standing in a chi kung stance. You can also massage your feet. Acupressure is an ancient healing method where you press your toes one by one. Then slowly move downward beneath the toes and the areas. beneath. Next you move to the middle of your feet and press them. If there is a pain at any area means you might be having problems at certain area. Next you can move downward to your heels. Then you press the side of your legs. The toes represent the head area. The area beneath the toes represent your shoulders. The middle of your feet is your stomach. Your heel area is your leg.
Of course not everyone have the patience to learn Chi Kung and want faster result. This can only happen if you are lucky enough to meet someone who have lots of chi due to lots of training and know how to use it for healing.

Some people are con men and take advantage of those in need most of help and compassion. The famous Cakra Alam case where the master uses egg to roll over the body of the patient and then break it open to show the patient blood in the egg. The reality is that the egg has been injected with colour dye to trick the patient. Then there is the lighting up of a long fluorescent lamp with his "energy". The trick was a slipper with a switch underneath. When the switch is on the electricity pass through his body to light up the lamp. These are are magic tricks as exposed by Randi a magician. These people are not only wasting the patients' precious time (some do not have much time to live) but also stealing from the desperate. It is unethical and unscrupulous. People with fatal illness should be careful of such con people (parasites). I remember I met a Master Wong (at his free Chi Kung Preview) and told him about my skin condition was incurable. His eyes lighted up when he heard the word incurable and ask me to see him at his office to discuss the matter further. I heard from my chi kung instructor that Master Wong would ask his clients to sign contracts with him. Should anyone get healed they will have to give half of their properties to him or a very big sum of money. Be careful as this world is full of con people who are after the very desperate. If they are more keen on your money than helping you please look elsewhere. Talk with experts and find your options. There are of course people who quietly healed others. 

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