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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Chi, the Universal Energy

Chi the Universal Energy

What is Chi / Qi ?
Qi, Chi, ki, bio-magnetism or whatever name you call it, is an invisible energy which is available everywhere. Chi is loosely translated as energy, air bubble or breath. There are all kind of Chi in our body or around us such as yang chi, yin chi, primordial chi, stagnant chi and etc. It can be either cold or warm energy (yin or yang). Yin and Yang are the duality of the universe as a pair of opposite action/reaction opposing yet complementing each other as the male and female. We get chi from our surrounding. In the grave yards and the moon we get "yin chi" (negative chi). In the Sun we get "yang chi" (positive chi). The chi on its own is neither good nor bad. When we are weak and fail to control the chi resulting in an imbalance, we will become sick. But if we are able to control the chi and direct it at will, we will be able to perform healing on others (even from a distance). Chi in itself is neither good nor bad. It is only good or bad depending on how it is being used. Therefore the negative or positive chi is similar to the negative or positive in electricity. We cannot see it but we can feel it. Of course highly trained people can feel and see Chi. When water boils do we not see the steam rises from the boiling water? Similarly in a very hot day we can also see air bubbles coming out of the walls. In the toilet where the wall is often wet do we not see air bubble coming out of the wall? Of course advanced levels masters in Yoga and Qigong cam see less apparent energies which normal people cannot.

It doesn't exist because scientist cannot measure it?

Scientist can accept Quantum Theory and String Theory (as the mother of all theories) but it can only be proven correct mathematically. The theory talk about us having 10 copies of ourselves in other parallel universes. Of course it cannot be proven but it is the most perfect of all theories. If western scientists can accept so far fetch thoughts as the mother theory (which cannot be proven), I cannot see why they cannot accept chi. I know they would have to change lots of their theories but is it not better than believing in something more ridiculous like the String Theory?

Fish in the water is unable to feel the water (Yee Chai Sui Chung Kan Chieh Pu Tau Sui) , Human in the midst of Chi does not feel chi (Ren Chai Chi Chung Kan Chieh Pu Tau Chi). Fish need water (Yee Si Yau Sui), Human need chi to stay alive (Ren Si Yau Chi Lai sern Huo).

We can accept the electricity and even use it in our daily life yet no one can see electricity. Similarly, you use your car which run on fuel such as petrol. Your mobile phone need a battery to keep it running. Surely you do not expect your life to exist without a fuel/energy source such as chi. It is your parents' primordial chi that set up life for you. Without your parents, there can be no you. If you are to equate food as energy then fat people should be full of energy. How is it that fat people cannot run with so much energy in them? There is a limit to what our body can convert as energy. The rest is stored as fat.

There are many people with blocked blood supply causing the chi to be blocked as well. I have a colleague whose mother could not sleep for several days due to pain in her left shoulder and her fingers were stiff and cringed tightly together. She went to a clinic but the pain remain and no one including me have a clue. The area around her shoulder was swollen and painful to even light touch. I just massage her arm and hand to allow the blood to flow. I use my chi to stimulate her swollen shoulder. When she becomes more relaxed and the blood started to flow better then only I begin to massage the swollen areas. Before long her hand was already much better and no longer in pain. Upon questioning, I found out that she had a habit of leaning on that left shoulder whenever she sleep. I told her not to lean on that shoulder or she might get it blocked again.

While western medicine is good for curing certain diseases, it is hopeless against chi related illness.

Qi has its roots in Chinese Medical Science

Chinese medicine has been in existence for thousands of years. Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on the Viscera a general term for the internal organs (zhang fu). There are five yin viscera (zhang) and six yang viscera (fu). The five yin viscera are heart, lung, liver, spleen and kidney. The six yang viscera are gallbladder, stomach, large intestine, small intestine, bladder and triple warmer. The viscera are linked by meridian points (nadi for Indian) to help the body function. The Five Yin Viscera main characteristics are to generate and store chi. The Six Yang Viscera main characteristics are to receive and transport food and waste.

The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a system of healing based on Viscera incorporating the Five Element theory, Yin and Yang theory and the concept of Chi.

The Yin and Yang theory is the duality in nature as opposite and conflicting yet harmonious and attracting each other. The Chinese since more than 5000 years ago believe in the duality of nature. There is Man and Woman; the Sun and the Moon; the day and the night and etc. The man is by nature masculine while the female feminine. We cannot say which is better as everything in this world serves a purpose. In the ancient Chinese book Nei Ching states that “In Yin there is Yang and in Yang there is Yin”. The Chinese believe that in every male there is also some feminineness and in every female there is some maleness. The male force is called Yang and the female Yin. Accordingly, mankind is Yang and the underworld or ghost is Yin. Instead of using Yin or Yang, we can also substitute them with – (negative) or + (positive) as in electricity. In this context the negative element is the Yin element and the positive element is the Yang element. In the context of the body, the Yin Qi is at the perineum between the anus and the sex organ. The Yang Chi is stored at the Tan Tien about 2 inches below the belly. This positive and negative chi must be combined by way of meditation in order to gain access to a higher level of chi mastery.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, a person’s Chi of both yin and yang must be in equilibrium in order for him or her to stay healthy. If a person has too much Yang Chi, he/she is short of Yin Chi (such as when a person has fever). The opposite can also happen (such as when a person got cold). At times, our body releases too much yang chi, could not sustain it, causing the fever to change into a cold and vice versa. At certain time our body produce certain type of chi and therefore affects our health when the chi is not in equilibrium.

Each of us has our own equilibrium Chi level above or below which we might fall sick. We cannot have too much chi or too little chi as this will make us unwell. Basing on this, I am inclined to think that as long as we decrease the chi level of those with too much Chi and increases the Chi for those in need for more Chi, most of the Chi related illness can be cured. Of course we must know where and how to add or subtract or else the patient might get worse.

Only in China can a surgery be performed without any form of anesthesia. In fact they used to talk to the patient who is fully conscious and can converse normally as if nothing is happening. All they do is poke some acupuncture needles on the meridian points relating to the areas they operate on, perform the operation and close the wound.

The Practical and Logical Path

God give us lots of tools to carry out our activities. It is we who limit ourselves by placing placing obstacles on ourselves. It is so much easier not to try to understand Chi (and you do not need to know what chi is). Human beings are very complex people who would fight over trifle matters. Yet the chi that has been the foundation of Chinese medicine is never place in high esteem. Most western educated people might not even accept its existence.

We are all born unequal. Some are born into wealthy families while other have to be contented to be just alive. Our fingers are never of the same length. If it were of the same length we would probably not able to use them. Each of us are given different abilities and roles in life. Not everyone can be a president, a doctor and etc. Our destinies are never the same. Some are bound to achieve greatness while others are hardly noticed in the ocean of humanity.

Yoga masters, Chi Kung masters, Martial Arts masters and healers have cultivated chi to quite high levels. However, many of them do have all kind of health problems. How is it possible you may ask. It is simple, learning chi to a high level does not guarantee you perfect health. A master must also learn to look inward and learn to give up worldly possessions. Automatically you have less needs. A sexy girl is another human being. Food all look the same as you eat only what your body requires. Even I cannot eat much due to the large amount of chi circulating around the Tan Tien and the belly. I can eat one meal per day and still wondering why my tummy is so full. At times I would like to eat but I can resist them since there is no need for me to eat for the sake of eating. If a grandmaster cannot control himself of such greed, he will suffer like normal people. We choose the appropriate response and consequently pay for our follies with our own life.

Then there is this tale of a Malay spiritual master teaching his students to walk across a river. He taught his students some mantras telling them to have faith and everything would turn out fine for them. So the students went to the river to practice and all the students managed to cross the river without getting wet. Finally the master himself try to cross the river but got himself wet. The thing with some masters are they taught things they themselves does not believe in. The students' faith in their masters enable them to achieve what their master cannot.

Many of these masters can do seemingly impossible acts such as pulling a Boeing 747 with his hairs, have a double deckers bus run over his body and etc. In Taiwan, there are people who trained their penis to be able to withstand / lift up weights of hundreds of kilos. Some are even able to pull a bus filled with passengers. It is another version of chi kung (Chiew Chiew Sern Kong also known as 99 Chi Kung ). These things take lots of years of training and mind control. It is certainly not for ordinary people.

Normal people cannot see energy. If we have never heard of ABC how the hell would we be able to read or write in English. Similarly, if our mind have never being conditioned, we would not be able to perform any kind of visualization or meditation. Some people give the impression that such things are sacred and mysterious. If magician do not practice their hands regularly, their acts would easily being seen through by the audiences. If we do not practice the mind, the mind will not be able to respond to our instruction.

Of-course not all these masters are genuine. Many of the claims pertaining to kundalini yoga and the exercises that provide you with eternal youth are all over exaggerated. We will all get older whether you do "fountain of youth" exercises or not. Look at the swarmi, none of them ever get younger. If they are ninety years old, they would probably look around 80 years old. They cannot be looking like 40 years old. Similarly the claims of achieving psychic abilities by the activation of the kundalini shakti (fictitious dormant serpent at the base of the spine) is not true or so simple (at least not for me). There are also claims of appearing more attractive to the opposite sex which I personally doubt it. There are people who practiced Yoga for twenty to thirty years yet still have asthma. I had running nose, dermatitis induced psoriasis and cold hands even with all my chakras opened more than 20 years ago. Please refer to my article on How I heal myself of incurable diseases. The chakras are opened but the internal organs were extremely weak. 

There are "masters" who take advantages of those most in need of help. Some masters claim cure for all illness and ask for legal documents with lawyers where a big portion of your properties would be given to him when you happen to get cured. These are scavengers not human! Then there is the famous Chakra Alam Grand Master Ustad Arif which was exposed by a magician name Randy on the Korean Television. He claimed that his Chi was so strong that the test pen lighted up. There are several types of test pen. The sensitive type will light up regardless whether you have lot of chi or not. He would also roll an egg on the body of the patient. When he opened the egg, there is traces of blood either red or black. The trick here was to insert color dye in the egg before he rolled the egg. Then there is the lighting of a long fluorescent tube with his chi. The trick here is the wearing of a slipper inserted with an electrical device capable of emitting low dosage of electricity. With due respect to Ustad Arif, I am sure he is a good martial artist and have high healing abilities but using magic tricks to cheat patients and give them false hope is unethical. I have watched several videos on Youtube where the masters can create fire to burn newspapers with just mastery of chi. There are also masters who can create heat almost to the boiling point. You can watch them at

Similarly there are people who practiced Chi Kung / Tai Chi Chuan for over thirty years and yet achieved nothing significant. I have heard of grand masters getting heart diseases and all sort of ailments. Of-course they can only blame themselves for not doing enough exercises and eating excessively /unhealthily. People come to learn Yoga /Chi Gong to get healthy. The instructor /master would always ask people to be dedicated yet these masters cannot resist woman, wine and food. In this context I do not say we must abstain from sex or food but be moderate in everything. The Chinese have always taken the middle path knowing too much or too few of anything is not good. Even at my level I can understand why Buddhist monks can survive on one meal per day. It can only mean the master cannot resist the temptation of good food etc. It is self discipline. Then there are masters who try to get famous by doing highly dangerous things such as pulling a busload of passengers with the penis, pulling a Boeing 747 with his hair and being run over by a double deck bus weighting 9.3 ton. Some might never recover from their performances. From the outside there seem to be not a scratch but we do not know the pain such people endured in the name of mastery of chi. Likewise the western scientist would advocate jogging, walking and lot of exercises. Doctors are perplexed by the death of an Indian marathon runner in his forties with no bad habit. Then there are people who get injured playing tennis, badminton etc. Even people who does not know how to jog properly can get injured. You must have a proper running surface and suitable running shoes for such surfaces. Therefore things are not as simple as we think it is.

Do not question the existence of chi, work hard and you will be able to get to feel it. It is more mental than muscle. I might be a novice in chi gong but I am ahead of many people because I have more than 25 years in Yogic meditation. I have many masters with exceptional abilities. I have trained very hard, much harder than most students. My instructor thought it was impossible for me to become good in chi gong. He used to tell me I was doing it the opposite way. Recently he told the class that as long as your chi moves, the movements are not important. This means you must be able to use your Yi (mind/will power) to direct the chi which is exactly what I have been doing. Do not think a UK trained accountant will accept anything my masters tell me. In fact I am very sure some of the advices from them try to scare me and might be a good advice for beginner. For instance I was told giving chi to others is not good as you might not have any chi left. His assistant also tell me how she gave chi to her grand mother for only 5 minutes and she was exhausted. I have been a chi healer for more than 20 years and have healed all types of people from baby to old people. Some patients took a lot out of me but I always recovers after a short nap or meditation. I know more about handling and releasing chi than most normal people. Most people are unaware that we absorbed each other's chi even though there is no contact. Chi moves around freely and unobstructed. It is energy and therefore no touch is necessary. Therefore it is possible to affect others without them realizing it. While chi is everywhere, the chi from a novice and a master are different. A master can accumulate lots of chi and has better ability to use them. The body's internal organs' natural functions is to generate and store chi for the six Yang viscera to use. A novice's chi is quite basic and he does not even know how to gather or use the chi. Similarly, mastering chakra meditation as in Yoga does not guarantee you are healthy. In fact with so much chakras activated, it is like a generator functioning well but the homes that it is suppose to supply electricity to are in the dark due to the faulty connection between the generator and the homes. Similarly, the chakras are activated but the internal organs and meridians are all not functioning properly. How do you explain 20 over years of chakra meditation and yet infected with all kinds of incurable diseases diagnosed by specialists/ doctors who does not have any clue on how to cure them. It only took me less than 2 years to get these diseases permanently cured without the need for medicine. Please refer to my earlier articles on How I heal myself with chi part 1 & part 2. I also become stronger mentally and spiritually. I noticed that I can become stronger if I incorporate my chi in whatever I do. For instance I also try experimenting it with my friends and staffs like a normal handshake. Without the knowledge of using chi I probably would not be able to defeat people with arms twice that of mine and half my age. With chi, nobody would want to try because I make a big dent in their hands and also their pride. Many people half my age and have lower arms twice that of mine cheated by sinking their thumb nail onto the back of my palm. Or how do you explain how my soft palm is able to squeeze the hell out of most people who are not only younger and more muscular than me? It is just being able to use chi.  I have also heal many people with just warm water and my chi therapy.

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