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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Practical Problems Arising from Meditation

Practical Problems Arising from Meditation
(Chakras Activation) and "soul/demon/ghost possessions/ disturbances"

Meditation is largely an uncharted pilgrimage into the sanctuary of our inner self (mind). Each individual is similar yet not the same. The complexities of each individual is the sum total of all experiences and emotions (whether past or present) becoming who she/he is today. Thousands of masters /gurus/sifus/ practitioners have experienced and expounded the benefits of meditations. Books written by great masters of the past and present are in demand. Yet there are lots of untold miseries from practitioners of meditation. Some masters/ instructors does not even know what to do.

In the ancient Chinese martial arts, many masters goes into seclusion (for months to years) to train to reach a higher level. These training involved lots of meditations and training with energies. Some will start to hallucinate and lost control of themselves. The Chinese call this "Zhou For Ru Mo" (Movement of Fire Enter Demon). What we are concerned is the inability to control the fire (energy) and the mind goes wild (enter the demonic energies).  Basing on my experience of having headache, fever, nose bleeding with the energies spiraling and stuck in the head. It was a living hell. There were lots of stresses, energies and pressures spiraling out of control from within and without. At times it is like the head was going to burst. At times the energies is like a knife piercing into the core of my mind. All I can do was to pretend nothing happened. People can easily lose their sanity if not  treaded with utmost care and caution. I had regretted learning meditation out of curiosity.  With the arousing of the serpent from its slumber at the base of the spine, the energies started spiraling out of control upward rapidly  toward the head. It is no longer the subtle energy that most people felt. Once activated the chakra can never revert to the original inactivated state. It is like a virgin after losing her virginity. There is no turning back.  What is done is a reality and cannot be undone. For your own sanity sake you must accept them as part of you.

The aim of this article is to discuss and reveal the practical problems arising from meditation and the remedies available.
Here I am not interested in the physical problems arising from meditations such as back pain, blockages at the limbs and etc. These can be quite easily treated with acupressure therapy. I am thinking about those who inadvertently  activated their chakras and are actually victims of circumstances or their own follies (curiosity?). Many people try to do meditation on their own by reading books or learning from a visiting master. After that they do not have anyone guiding them. Many people are curious about meditation. Many masters talk about the benefits of meditations but hardly anyone talk about the danger lurking around the corners. Be sensible, chakra meditation is not for everyone. Most people do not have the patience to sit still and focus on your life force. Beside that you must also endure the numbness at your legs when you sit cross legged in a lotus or half lotus position for hours.

When I was around 29 years old, I was curious to find out about the third eye. Before long I enrolled for a mind control course. Everyone talk about positive thinking and the mind. So I try to delve deeper into meditation and before long I joined Simplified Kundalini Yoga (SKY) in 1986. From the day I was initiated by the late Swami Maharishi (the founder of SKY), my forehead bore a marking like it has been branded. Some people might inadvertently activate the chakra by themselves. In most people it is just a round indentation at the middle of the forehead (between the eyebrows and the mid forehead-refer to photo below). Some people might have special markings like an eye or a person in meditation. Except during my sleep, it has been vibrating ever since. The energies from my 3rd eyes chakra to my crown chakra has never cease spinning ever since it has been activated. There is no way anyone can reverse it. At times I had really wished I had never learned meditation and be normal again. I had nose bleeding , fever, migraine and a host of other ailments. I try to take some bitter Chinese herbal drinks ( wong lo kat) and young coconuts water frequently to reduce the pressure in my head.  When I complained to my master, he asked me to do Shanti Yoga and did some acupressure at my fingers which did brought only some temporary relief. Nothing really help. Shanti Yoga (tries to direct the energy down to the base of the spine) to control the excessive energies but it doesn't really help. It might be possible I might be one of the few who get severely affected by it. This coupled with stress from working almost drove me crazy. Later I joined a temple to learn more about the paranormal and chanting. There I was more able to control the energies after several years.

The 3rd eye is the vortex between the eyebrows and the forehead. The lighter color area at the centre of the forehead is surrounded by a darker color ring.  The area is usually darker and the indentation marking deeper for those having inadvertently activated the 3rd eye chakra.. This is a sign that tell of your inability to control the energies. Many will also have dark rings around their eyes indicating exhaustion due to a lack of rest. My indentation is lighter in color as it is under control. 

If you talk to the doctors about such things, they might recommend you to a psychologist. The psychologist would probably give you some pills to control your "over active mind" (hallucinations /imaginations). They can also give some aspirin or panaldo to reduce your headache and etc. If you tell your friend or relative, they will think you get demonic possession. Some people believe there is  evil spirit trying to disturb them. Some people will take advantage of you by recommending all kind of expensive things to wear like talisman and etc. They are others who claim they can help you overcome your problem for a big payout. They claim they have to perform certain rituals on your behalf for a continuous 49 days to appease the spirits. The cost of the ritual include joss stick , paper money, offerings to appease the spirits and etc. They would claim they are doing everything out of compassion as priests/monks. The money is for the temple to buy the ritual items.  There are lots of parasites taking advantage of the helpless. People would think you are crazy. Some of your friends might even try to avoid you fearing the "spirit" might disturb them too.

Previously, if anyone mention demonic/spiritual possession, I would tell them I am not a ghost buster or an exorcist.  Even though, I was a disciple of a temple for several years, I have no ability in dealing with the unknown. I would had actually ask these people to seek help from the Chief Priests/Monks. Recently, someone brought a young woman who claim she got disturbed by another entity/soul. Everything seem so hopeless for her as she seek to overcome her problems. She even stop working as she was physically and mentally exhausted. She told me she had lost hope of life and need help fast. When I went over to her house to treat her. I noticed her forehead was grayish and clearly indented at the center of the forehead. The marking were similar to mine (see photo above). Her third eye area was darker, grayish and more indented. This immediately brought a smile to me. It was just chakra activation and has nothing do do with the spirit or soul.  She was still adamant and insistent that she was telling the truth. She was skeptical of what I told her which was inconsistent with what the priests and monks told her. She told me she saw energies coming from the wall etc. I assured her I see more things and it is normal for those with activated third eye chakra and some . It is a spinning /whirling energy. I told her I had gone through it more than 25 years ago. I just released the energies from her head by using acupressure. It took me about 2 hours to make her feel totally relieved. At the same time, I asked her to drink lots of slightly hot water.  I told her never to tell anyone she got any such problem. People would only think she is crazy and take advantage of her. I told her to tell everyone she is cured and does not have any problem. 

Of course you cannot expect everything to be back to normal again. I cannot say that I can make the person become normal again. Once the chakra especially the 3rd eye and crown chakras are activated, it cannot be normal again. What has happened cannot be undone. Some can even hear voices and see energies, making themselves suspecting it to be some spiritual possession or someone placing a curse on them.  However, I can help release the excessive energies in the head and therefore bring relief to the migraine, fever, ear ringing and etc. There is nothing I can do if the person insist that he/she is disturbed by spirit or ghosts. Many people have to suffer for their follies in activating the chakras too quickly without the aid of a qualified master. Unless they meet someone with the real ability to help them, life would be a real nightmare. Everyone seems to have a solution but none actually work. They would  all be just wasting your time and money. If you can live/bear with the energies then everything will be fine. You can even delve deeper into the unknown.

Then there was this sickly man from USA who used the name Weeping Dragon (who was still studying). He was interested in Qi Ball and keenly follow my videos in the Youtube such as Chi Dynamics Real Colorful Qi/Chi Ball and other videos in my channel. He has learned some qigong for several years. One day he locked himself up in the room and started to do qiball for hours . He started having his limbs move on their own and he lost control of himself. He wrote to me to take back my demonic energies as he only believe in Christ. I told him he had gone into a chi free-flow and has nothing to do with demon or me. I told him to be grateful as many people pay thousands of USD yet still not able to do a Chi Free Flow. I have never given any energy to him. He was emotionally charged and strongly believe I was placing something on him. I also reminded him that he cannot unlearn or undo what he did. He have to accept the fact that he had inadvertently learn the "free-flow of qi" and use his Yi to direct the qi. I told him he was his own master and should accordingly take charge of his own mind and sanity. Later he wrote to apologize and wish to offer me a token of appreciation which I refuse. He is now much healthier than before and much happier (at least that is what he claimed). 

I have also witnessed some people who lost control of themselves while doing a magnetic qi free flow dance. Some do martial art moves. Some eventually lost controlled of themselves.

Actually the solution  is quite simple. Just drink lots of slightly hot warm water and do some acupressure (by pressing the areas at the base of the skull) to reduce the heat/pressure at the head areas, Just accept the energies as part of yourself.

If you have any such problems, please do not tell everyone as they would  think you are weird /crazy and need a psychologist. Even your loved ones might think you are crazy. Some would also take advantage of you. You just tell everyone you are fine. If you need my help, just e-mail me at or call my mobile at 60126570647.

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